Product OS for Notion

A complete Notion workspace for product and tech teams.

✌️ Replaces Jira, Trello, ProductBoard, your current Notion

📙 Takes advantage of state-of-the-art product management methods

⏱ Saves you weeks of Notion settings


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Product is hard.

Thousand tools

Many stakeholders

Information everywhere ...nobody knows where to find it

Notion is a game changer.

Finally a tool to rule them all!

Now the whole company has access to everything.

But without a strong structure, it gets messy fast 🤯


I'm currently setting up my Notion space to welcome the team. While wondering how to configure the best tool possible, I found out about "Product OS": a pre-made Notion's template for sale. If your team runs on Notion, it's a 80€-buy that makes a lot of sense.

Olivier Courtois 10y+ in product, co-founder of, ex-VP Product @comet, Product Director @ManoMano.


After couple of years iterating on this, I finally built the perfect workspace :)

The one that:

✔️ Aligns everyone

✔️ Allows easy customization

✔️ Organizes the mess

+50 companies and learners have chosen Product OS 🔥


Duplicate the workspace →

instant refund if you don't like it

From company vision to tiny tech task, and everything in between This workspace is inspired by Marty Cagan's Inspired


Included 👀

🏠 Homepage

The only page you need to bookmark 🙂 

Contains :

  1. Links (which replace your bookmarks from Chrome)
  2. Key Metrics (live), so you have them in front of you all the time
  3. Work in progress, cascading from OKR to tickets
    1. Current OKR → so you have them in front of you all the time
    2. Problems to solve now
    3. Solution in progress (Epics)
    4. Experiments in progress
    5. Tickets (Stories, bug fix, tech debt) being build


🏃 Current Sprint

Classic Scrum/Kanban view with all the tickets in progress

✓ You can easily see if a ticket is blocking another one

✓ Check how your sprint is doing with the completion rate below the board


🎟️ Backlog Management

✓ All your tasks, bugs, user stories, technical debt

✓ Cool templates to standardize the writing and help your team not forget anything

✓ Management of dependencies, tickets ID, relations with sprints, epics, OKR etc.


🧞 Epics

An Epic is a big topic (in time or in impact) and a group of 🎟️ Tickets

👉 The completion rate is calculated with the storypoints of the 🎟️ Tickets already released


🧪 Experiments

✔️ Document all your experiments: AB Tests, User Tests, Bêta Tests etc.

✔️ See all experiments in the same place


⛽ Problems, Ideas & Opportunities

✓ Fuel of your team = exhaustive list of identified problems, feature ideas & opportunity from someone, someday

✓ You can ⬆️ Upvote an idea by adding your name into the "Upvotes" property


🎯 Company Goals / Objectives & Key Results

Connected to Epics and Tickets so

  • your developers can climb the cascade from their daily tech tasks to the Company Goal associated
  • your boss can see how his Company Goals are translated in tasks and when they’re released

📚 Documentation

Exhaustive list of documentation pages with their associated status (validated or not) so we know if it's trustable


👉 and many tips on how to do stuff
  • How to create OKR
  • How many bug tickets should be added in a sprint
  • and many more

Popular use cases


📦 Off-the-shelf workspace

Switch from Jira!


💭 Inspiration for your workspace

→ Pick what you need


📚 Learning best practices

→ Prepare a future job in product management

Duplicate the workspace →

instant refund if you don't like it

Who is it for?


Product & tech teams (up to 75 people)

CPO, PM, Lead Developer...
CPO, PM, Lead Developer...


Individuals who want to learn about Product Management

The workspace is full of examples and tips
The workspace is full of examples and tips

I found my current job thanks to one of the templates in it — Dounia Boulaakoul

Product Manager, Shipup

Very Extensive! Strong toolbox — Gauthier Thubert

Product Manager, papernest

This is awesome! So much more fun to use than Jira — Jérôme Vobmann

Co-founder, Coach Zola ex-Product Manager, LegalStart


Not a monthly payment, you just pay once

(vs 1400€/year for a 5 person team on Jira)

For individuals & small companies

80€ lifetime access

Setup: one squad

License for 4 users max

Get started →

For medium companies

200€ lifetime access

Setup: multiple squads

License for 15 users max

Get started →

For large & very large companies

Contact me

Custom setup

Custom license

Contact me →


Compare with Do it yourself


Compare with Jira

Still not convinced? Compare 👇


Duplicate the workspace →

instant refund if you don't like it



My goal: broadcast product management best practices

by showing them to learners & helping companies implement them

(while drastically saving money)

unofficial goal

spend more time in Notion, the best product ever 🥰

About me :)

Ex-Lead Product Manager in a large start-up, I’m now headmaster of a Product Management bootcamp in Paris, Product Consultant and Notion die-hard fan ♥️


How does Product OS work?

Product OS stores your Objectives, Key Results, Problems to solve, Solutions, Ideas, Tickets (tech task), Sprints and Documentation in databases and displays these in beautiful dashboards.

Here's the philosophy behind it :

  • Firstly, all the context, ambition & vision cascade from Company OKR to the Team OKR.
  • Secondly, everyone can spot Problems to solve and submit Ideas
  • Then, the Product Manager prioritizes Problems & Ideas worth to dig thanks to Team OKR
  • And finally, the Scrum team conceives Solutions (everyone can see their Status), divides them into little chunks called Tickets stored in the Backlog and releases these chunks during the Current Sprint

→ Also, the Scrum Team always has Team's Homepage opened in a Chrome tab.

Are updates included?

Yes! I will send you by email all the new features and updates

With a tutorial to install them into your Notion Workspace

What exactly is Product OS?

A collection of pages and databases for Notion

How to use Product OS?
  1. Duplicate the workspace
  2. Check which parts are useful for you → it's easy to pick one if you don't need the whole package 😉
  3. Tweak it to match your internal process
  4. Import your data
Can I duplicate Product OS for my friends?

No, this is a personal license for team use only


You liked this landing page ?

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Product OS for Notion 2022